tempest album


  1. davidpickvance says:

    Thanks Geoff. I’m going to get it remastered and then reissue it here. Thanks for your support!

  2. I also bought Tempest at Queensland Southbank Market. I listened to it for 20 years and then somehow, I lost it! Please publish it online David!!! I love it.

  3. davidpickvance says:

    Thankyou RT that’s really kind! Cheer David.

  4. Couldn’t agree more, Barry.

    Another big fan of David’s work, with the first purchase of Tempest in 1995 (I think) at the Queenland Southbank Market. Wss there as a foreign student. Magical!

    Couldn’t resist it and went on to get Realms of the River King.

  5. davidpickvance says:

    Thankyou so much for this message Meg. Sorry I took so long to respond…wordpress didn’t notify me. Thanks again…and I’m totally delighted and touched that Tempest is still going strong!

  6. Barry Elliker says:

    Great music that stands the test of time. And my CD is not even remastered! And I don’t mind! Blessings Meg

  7. Barry Elliker says:

    David, I bought this CD so many many years ago at the Qld Southbank market from you.. Just wanted you to know I still play & love it. My cover is the orange/golden suns rays coming through the clouds. I love playing it especially in the background when I need to do focussed work. I am impressed by the range of things you have gone on and done since I met you. Many thanks. Meg Tscharke posting on my husband Barry’s FB

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