In 2021 I had an idea to write an album of electronic chamber pieces for my Minimoog Model D, upright piano and analogue TR808 drum machine.  Music that is designed to be played in an art gallery or a small auditorium rather than a large venue at a loud volume.  I wanted it to be evocative, interesting, dark but not overly emotional.  I wanted to push myself into a more geometric and experimental way of writing that explores long phrases, random patterns, fluid time signatures and unexpected angular chord progressions.  I also wanted to look to the past to a more traditional way of presenting and composing electronic music…with strong evolving themes, no complex digital editing or manipulation, classical forms, arpeggiators, pure unadulterated oscillators and the rhythm track, which is normally placed in the centre of the mix, to be pushed off to the left hand side so as to render it secondary to the piano and Minimoog.   I wanted a rough but restrained analogue sound and a stripped back unsentimental performance that showcases my beautiful Minimoog Model D against a backdrop of 1908 vintage upright piano. SIDE ROAD is currently only available on Bandcamp and can be purchased below . Your support is greatly appreciated.