TUNNELS is the latest single from the album, THE ANACHRONIST. Written for Minimoog Model D, antique upright piano and distant analogue drum machine, TUNNELS is inspired by Chopin Piano Preludes and 70’s Film music. Click here to listen.

Nocturnal electronic chamber music for Minimoog Model D, upright piano and analogue drum machine. The Anachronist is currently only available on Bandcamp. An announcement about a record deal will be made in early 2021. Click here to visit my dedicated page!

I was commissioned by the BBC to compose the soundtrack for the new series of Robert Graves’ I, Claudius.  The original series was broadcast in the 70’s and gained cult status. This new critically acclaimed production stars Derek Jacobi, Tim Mckinnerny and Tom Goodman-Hill and won the Audie Award.

It was a huge honour to be appointed Composer-In-Residence to the BBC in London.  I composed the music to 36 productions and was lucky enough to be the recipient of several UK industry awards for my work. Highlights include I, Claudius, Peter Pan In Scarlet, The Birds, Where The Wild Things Are, Richard III, Troilus & Cressida, Witness: The Gospel According to Luke, The City Speaks & The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Soon to be released single from the album, The Anachronist, Countenance is inspired by the short stories of Jorge Luis Borges.  Moog Model D, sequenced Moog Sub 37, Analogue Drum machine, Acoustic Upright Piano. Click here to listen.

The latest addition to the studio is the Minimoog Model D, a limited edition reissue of the classic 1970s analogue synthesiser.  The sound is so distinctive and beautiful…and this was the last one available in Australia.

Odyssey is the first track to be released from my forthcoming electronic instrumental album, The Anachronist.  Its a post apocalyptic analogue synth anthem and features upright piano, Arp Odyssey on lead, Moog Model D on sequenced bass and Sequential Prophet 6 on pads. I have been exploring long angular melodies, random chord sequences, Arpeggiators, polyrhythms, arrhythmia and unusual musical forms. Click here to listen.

This is a track from my forth-coming album, The Anachronist. It was inspired by the short stories of Jorge Luis Borges.  Instrumentation includes Moog Model D on lead, Mellotron on flutes, Moog Sub 37 on bass and Sequential Prophet 6 on pads.  I’m interested in Polyrhythms, random, long melodic phrases and the unexpected. Click here to listen.