I’m slowly building my new modular system and to kick things off I have installed two semi-modular Moog Mother 32’s…and they sound gorgeous.  The modular system will run alongside my Moog Sub 37, Moog Voyager, Korg Arp Odyssey, Sequential Prophet 6, Korg Minilogue and Arturia Minibrute.

Series 11 of Fireman Sam has just been given the green light, so its back to Pontypandy I go.  The world of Fireman Sam has expanded considerably with new characters, locations and vehicles so that means more themes and a greater musical palette.  This will be my 6th series and 4th feature film of Fireman Sam.

New additions to the studio include the newly released Sequential Prophet 6 and Moog Sub 37.  Two beautiful, classic sounding, analogue synthesisers that compliment each other perfectly.

Currently in production, Alien Alert is the the latest Fireman Sam film that sees Sam take on alien invaders.  David Tennant (Dr Who) stars in this latest feature.  I am busy in the studio working on my 50’s theremin and modular synthesis techniques.

I have been busy creating and presenting contemporary sound courses at the TATE Modern in London.  These theoretical and practical courses explore the history of contemporary art music and study the methodologies employed by composers and sound artists.  It’s a real buzz to share my passion for 20th Century art music in such a prestigious gallery!

The Brisbane Powerhouse Performing Arts Centre is a beautiful old building that has a rich and dramatic history. I spent a month interviewing and recording old powerhouse workers, historians, architects, politicians, graffiti artists (including Blek Le Rat), protestors and engineers and then I pieced all the narratives together with location sound and music to convey the buildings history. It is as epic as it sounds. GENERATOR is now available as an app on the App Store.

A long-standing dream has been realised. I was interviewed by Legendary Australian broadcaster, Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic FM. I talked about my life, my musical career and my love of radio drama and film. I also chose the music for the hour long program.

I’m a massive fan of British writer Nik Warburton and have been lucky enough to write music for several of his works.  Witness is based on the Gospel of Luke and examines the life of Christ through the eyes of those around him.  I wanted the music to have an obvious regional influence, but also to be a constant ‘shadow in the corner’ symbolising the marking of time and the inevitable crucifixion.  Witness is a BBC production and has received 5 star reviews and multiple awards.

A trail-blazing intergalactic radio star anxious to escape her serious life, discovers she has magical powers when five furry aliens crash land in her room.” I have composed a supercool retro soundtrack for sci-fi, punk-girl series, ZuZu and the Supernuffs. The music is scored for orchestra and analogue synthesiser and the show has worldwide distribution on the Nelvana owned KidsCo channel.