I’m a massive fan of British writer Nik Warburton and have been lucky enough to write music for several of his works. Witness is based on the Gospel of Luke and examines the life of Christ through the eyes of those around him. I wanted the music to have an obvious regional influence, but also to be a constant ‘shadow in the corner’ symbolising the marking of time and the inevitable crucifixion. Witness is a BBC production and has received 5 star reviews and multiple awards.


I have just completed series 10 and the new feature film of the classic kids TV show, Fireman Sam. Aired in over 100 territories in 60 languages it is one of the world’s most popular kids tv shows. This is my 5th series (141 episodes) and 3rd feature film.


“A trail-blazing intergalactic radio star anxious to escape her serious life, discovers she has magical powers when five furry aliens crash land in her room.” I have composed a supercool retro soundtrack for sci-fi, punk-girl series, ZuZu and the Supernuffs. The music is scored for orchestra and analogue synthesiser and the show has worldwide distribution on the Nelvana owned KidsCo channel.